Water for All International is a wonderful, very small 501(c)(3) non-profit based out of San Angelo, Texas.  Water for All was formed by the initiative of Terry Waller (he is the executive director of Water for All) and his home church, Southland Baptist Church in San Angelo, Texas because the water ministry developed by Terry Waller over so many years had blossomed in Bolivia (where Terry was a Baptist missionary for a long time) to the extent that it really needed the support of an organization underneath it.  Southland Baptist caught the vision early and still stands strongly behind WFA and provides leaders for the board.  

One of the reasons we love Water for All is that the administration is small and simple and is all about supporting the mission and missionaries; the work does not have to support a top-heavy organization.  As a result, WFA as a whole is efficient and productive.  We are proud of Water for All and thank God for them.  It is consistently obvious that Terry and his whole family, as well as the Water for All board and Southland Baptist Church really care about us and are praying for us.  It is a personal and sincere group.  In fact, just writing this paragraph has reminded me how much I wish to honor their faith.


The top bullet points of a WFA ministry

  • We want to make Jesus known in word and deed through incarnational presence and loving service.
  • We help and teach families/communities to safely and affordably drill their own quality, high-producing water wells.
  • We want to start “well-drilling movements” where the water problem of a given area can be completely eliminated via the multiplication of family-made, family-owned and family-maintained water wells.


WFA Mission Statement

To empower poor rural families to solve basic food, water and income problems with their own resources, to celebrate life with them and to share God’s goodness with them through the Good News of Jesus


WFA Ministry Objectives

  • Form relationships with poor rural families and local churches by living among them, fellowshipping with them and working with them
  • Listen and Learn in order to:
    • More effectively and appropriately help poor rural families to discover and mobilize local assets to solve pressing-felt needs
    • Share the Gospel in culturally appropriate and sensitive ways
  • Locally develop and share affordable and locally reproducible technologies that help poor rural families solve basic food, water and income problems with local assets
  • Inspire and train in order to cooperate with others in helping the rural poor


The Water for All program in Ethiopia is carried out through a local non-profit partner organization called Ethiopia Addis Kidan Baptist Church Welfare and Development Association (Addis Kidan for short).  Addis Kidan registers the project, WFA funds it, and I, as a WFA employee, volunteer for Addis Kidan in Ethiopia in order to provide the know-how and impetus and to lead the field work.

For information about WFA, visit waterforallinternational.org  

Please consider supporting us at  waterforallinternational.org/take-action.  Writing, “Glahns in Ethiopia” on the memo will designate the donation as support for our family.  For more info and other options, visit our donate page on this site, wfaethiopia.com/donate.