We train and help rural families
to make and maintain
household water wells
and pumps by hand
with local materials.

Trained Locals

They lead clubs of 10-15 Ethiopian farmers, who cooperatively use a locally-made WFA-style manual rig to drill a good, cased borehole at each member’s house.

They make and install the hand pumps.

Our hand pumps

They’re durable, effective, made with local materials, and easy to maintain.

Big, 4.33″ casing and 2″ pumps increase output for irrigation, laundry and bathing.

They pair with WFA appropriate technology motorized pumps for expanded vegetable and fruit irrigation.

The health need

Contaminated open water sources expose families to disease and untimely death – losses felt in every way possible.

Limited water limits washing of hands, bodies, dishes and clothes, resulting in stomach infection, skin disease, and fleas and scabies in clothes and bedding—suffering.


The practical need

Mothers and girls’ travel for cleaner water frustrates home tasks, income generation, and schooling, resulting in labor without growth or security.

Absence of water for irrigation in the dry season inhibits prosperity.  This bleak reality oppresses minds and hearts.

A divine response

Jesus said that when the poor are thirsty, He is thirsty, and when they have a drink, He is relieved: He empathetically feels people’s needs, like a parent.  Therefore, He said, His people will be distinguished by their treatment of the needy (Matt 25:30-46).

A Trinity invitation

God’s love-borne desire is that we be near Him and like Him; His Gospel is that we can be, now and forever!  Abiding in Him, we get to be Christ and live the Gospel.

Jesus’ appearance inaugurated the Kingdom of God, with signs of restoration in His wake: “Heal the sick in it and say to them, ‘The kingdom of God has come near to you.’” (Luke 10:9).  In all aspects of life, this is what God is about.

A calling

We believe that we are called to this mission as a small piece of Jesus’ work.

We need partners in this mission to support us financially and in prayer.  We invite you to consider whether God might be moving you to do so.  Please contact us if you’d like to receive our updates by email.