I’m Rob Glahn; pictured here are my wife, Almaz Wolde, and our precious daughters, Sofia (7), Lisa (5), and Avia (1).

Almaz and my stories were –on the surface– as different as possible, even excluding cultural differences.  However, we each were designed and shepherded by one God to discover our greatest treasure in life: God, Himself.   Now, we get to discover the riches of God together.

Almaz and I met at a souvenir shop in Addis Ababa in 2010.  I had been in Ethiopia for a year and a half.  Almaz was the souvenir shop keeper; a keen, sincere and very pretty one.  I was that day searching for traditional Ethiopian crosses as gifts for some friends for Easter.  The crosses provided the conversation piece for our common interest in spiritual things, and we became immediate friends.  We were married on August 6, 2011.




She’s the most servant-hearted and humble person I’ve ever met.  I am biased, but I’m not blowing hot air either.  She is alert for needs and is energized by helping others.  She quietly takes initiative and is cool about it.  She has somehow transformed bossiness and stubbornness into virtues of calm benevolence.  I love these things about her.

She’s a cooking wiz’ and loves to cook.  She can bake pastries without recipes and gets it right on the first try.  When we were engaged and planning to live in a mud hut in the countryside, she said she wouldn’t care as long as there would be a kitchen. 

She’s also a project person.  Below, she is painting a sandbox and small playground that she made for Sofi when we lived in Tulubolo.  She also built me that workshop space (on the right) as a surprise while I was away for two days buying materials.  This was before I had filled it out.


Justly praising how Almaz fills her bigger roles (believer, wife, mother) would be a futile endeavor.  I won’t attempt it.  But I will mention one thing particularly relevant to this website: her involvement in my work.  That she appreciates the WFA vision and approach is invaluable to me, as are my memories of her involvement.  She jumps in when she sees need.

Above: Right after we got married, Almaz started coming out with me to the field

Above: Almaz teaching a crew how to install our field-made pumps

Above: Almaz six months pregnant with Lisa, making pistons with my boss, Terry.  (Only because she wanted to do so; no one told her to do that!)

Above: Almaz (black jacket), leading a well club in the middle of the rain season!

Above: Almaz teaching a new crew how to do the wrench work

Above: Almaz’ sensibilities were offended when we showed up and saw that people’s efforts to avoid getting muddy were hindering the work, so she jumped in to lead


Among my favorite things is an early morning in solitude with strong, black coffee, surplus time, and a clear head before work to sit and contemplate God.  I love my work, both the meaning of it and the variety it offers, including the exercise; the mud, dust and rust; social time with the humble familes in the field; theologizing; shop work; pump designing; planning.  I have a variety of interests, but during these early years, my spare time is generally devoted to my girls.  Nothing makes me smile as effortlessly as them.

Sofia, Lisa and Avia

Our girls are such a delight!  They’re great sisters, despite their differences, and they share everything from chocolate, to play dates, to princess costumes.  They are a sweet joy.